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Our Learnings

We continue to develop knowledge through research, program evaluation and ongoing conversations with changemakers. We aim to share our learnings in useful and accessible ways through our engagement with partners, funders, and young changemakers themselves. 

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Research with Young Changemakers

We spoke with over 50 Canadian young changemakers, ages 18-30, to understand the drivers for their work, challenges they face, and the types of supports they need.

We also led 3 co-development sessions with young changemakers, to collaboratively design programming that suits their needs.

This research has informed our work to-date and will continue to inform, not only our programs, but our approach throughout all that we do. We want to share these learnings with others that are doing this work with young changemakers.

Pilot Event Evaluation

In June 2023, FUEL launched our first event, a Community Dinner, to bring young changemakers together in an authentic and healing space. The evening was focused on well-being, centering youth voice through conversation circles and open time for organic connection.

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