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About Us

FUEL is an authentic community for young changemakers, where they are invited to rest, given opportunities to grow, and can find meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

At FUEL, we want to surround ourselves with people who are bringing new ideas into the world - new ways of tackling entrenched issues - those who are not held back by the status quo or “how things have always been done”. To us, that means working with young changemakers. 


We strive to create a space where young changemakers can be valued as individuals, where they feel loved for who they are, including and beyond their changemaking work.

Our Values


We are driven by youth voice. Everything we do, we do with youth.


We succeed together through authenticity, kindness and trust.


We aim to bring out the best in all those around us.


We embrace the joy of changemaking.

Our Team

Erica Procter
Founder & ED

My passion is building amazing cultures, where people feel seen, valued and trusted. I embody my mother’s love of people and my father’s love of learning. I have brought my people-centered leadership to roles in large institutions, focused in the youth, equity and data sectors. Throughout my work, I have built authentic relationships to shift culture and challenge the status quo.

I am now bringing my love for others to support young changemakers. I want to work with those passionate about making our world a better place. I see the best in others, move forward with intention and embrace failure. And don't be surprised if I pull out a game along the way!

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Patrick de Belen
Community Development & Engagement Manager

Patrick de Belen is a storyteller, poet, filmmaker and youth educator. 

Patrick has delivered keynote performances and facilitated art-based programming in various institutions and spaces across the world. Navigating themes of mental health, social justice and youth empowerment, he is deeply committed to uplifting voices that need to be heard. 

In this part of his journey, Patrick brings his passion to the development of platforms and opportunities for young change-makers to inspire, empower and motivate positive and sustainable change in their communities.

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Tanaka Chitanda
Events & Programs Lead


Tanaka is the co-founder of Hey Black Girl! - a youth-led, Black-led not-for-profit focused on the empowerment and progression of young Black women, successfully securing over $500,000 for this work.


Tanaka brings a passion for youth engagement, community development and sustainability, along with experience in outreach, marketing, fundraising and programming.

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Our Community

FUEL supports young founders and leaders of community impact work (ages 18-30). They share a commitment to create positive impact in the world, working across many different sectors and causes. 


These young changemakers are creating environmental employment opportunities and access to better mental health support for youth. They are leading change towards gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, and providing anti-racism training. They are finding solutions to food insecurity, and homelessness, and creating greater access to education. They are working locally and internationally to address systemic inequalities. Their changemaking is informed by their lived experiences and their connections to the communities they serve.

Community Guidelines

At FUEL, we create spaces for these changemakers that are safe, inclusive and nourishing, informed by our Community Guidelines.

  • Welcome and be welcomed.

  • Show up however is comfortable. We welcome you to join our spaces in ways that feel best for you. 

  • Build relationships. All members have an interest in relationship building. We encourage you to exchange contact info with those you'd like to stay in touch with. 

  • Take care of yourself as needed. In whatever way you feel to (whether breaks, snacks or voluntary participation)

  • Speak your truth in ways that respect other people's truth. 

  • Practice curiosity and honesty. Strive to be fully present and open to learning and unlearning. 

  • Our team is here as supports, not experts. As a team, we are dedicated to maintaining an inviting environment of shared learning. 

Reference: Ivy Child Internatinal. (2020, Jun 11). Circle of Trust Touchstones for Safe and Trustworthy Spaces.

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