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Announcing the Young Changemakers Fund

Introducing an exclusive opportunity aimed at nurturing the ambitions of passionate individuals striving to make a difference in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are excited to announce a unique chance for you to receive financial support and personal coaching to propel your initiatives forward.

FUEL is a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting Young Changemakers in the Greater Toronto Area, to sustain their work and wellbeing. Our organization supports young founders and leaders of community impact work (ages 18-30).

Fund and Coaching Offer:

The funding decision will be made via lottery (at random). We are looking to support multiple Changemakers and will be distributing $500 to one Changemaker for every 50 Young Changemakers who apply. In addition, we’re awarding 5 hours of dedicated coaching sessions with Erica Procter. These coaching sessions are designed to provide personalized guidance, support and collaboration to address your specific challenges, enhance your strengths and devise actionable strategies for your projects.

Erica Procter will serve as your thought partner, creating a safe space to discuss hurdles, explore innovative solutions and map out next steps together. The agenda is entirely yours - you decide the focal points and priorities that will be tackled during these sessions. Sessions will be scheduled at your convenience, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

Application Details:

The January recipients have been announced. The fund is currently closed.

Requirements for Application:

  • The initiative must be carried out in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

  • Agree to be added to our mailing list for updates and future opportunities

  • Provide an update within 3 months detailing how the grant was utilized. This update could take the form of a video, photographs, testimonials, etc.

Spread the Word- Remember, the more individuals who apply, the greater the number of grants we can offer!


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